Architectural practice, founded in 2007 in Belgrade. RAUM is mostly dealing with architecture and urban design at home and abroad, and has extensive experience working with both private and public investments. Our recent production includes several award-winning projects: -Reconstruction and extension of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina / Invited competition / First prize / 2015. -Reconstruction and extension of the Negotin Green Market / Completed winter 2016. -Urban housing block (60 000sqm, 707 apartments) in Dr. Ivana Ribara Street / New Belgrade / First prize in a public urban design-architectural competition, 2011 / Completed autumn 2013. -Kindergarten for 300 children in Stubline, Obrenovac / Competition / 2010 / First prize / Completed spring 2015.
Although we find working in the local milieu to be a major challenge, a significant percentage of our clients are from abroad. We carried out design projects in the UK and Montenegro. This has brought a number of new commissions in London and on the Montenegrian coast for clients from Great Britain, Russia and Africa. Through series of award-winning designs RAUM has created a reputation of a well-known local architectural practice that combines new-generation analysis and experiment, focusing on complex relationships between space, program, geometry, and social responsibility. This is confirmed by numerous awards won at national and international competitions, exhibitions and publications.

raum / The Team


Aleksandra raonić

Founding Partner

Miloš raonić

Founding Partner


current collaborators

Stefan nešić

Zoja Milić


past collaborators

Jovanka gojković

branislav ristović

jelena petrov

ivko rakić

ljilja čavić

milan kapetanović

alen spahić

marija martić

katarina živković

jelena mandić

jelena mladenović

mirjana milićević