RAUM Architects continue the successful collaboration with KSA Group, Canadian architectural practice!

RAUM has won the annual Ranko Radović Award, for realized architectural work, DECEMBER 2013.

Bigovo house has been published in Kuća Stil magazine No.230, OCTOBER 2013.

RAUM has won the Annual Prize of the Association of Architects of Serbia for the best project built abroad in 2012. DAB, JULY 2013

Reconstruction and extension of a family house in Richmond, London, UK, FINISHED

FIRST PRIZE in a Public Urban design-Architectural Competition for a Urban Housing Block, Dr. Ivana Ribara Street, New Belgrade, 2011

An article by Vesna Vučinić about several Serbian offices and RAUM has been published in: BELGRADE Momente der Architektur _ Moments in architecture, Mury Salzmann, 2011

Exhibition 8A/40- NEW PRACTICES, at BINA, Belgrade City Museum ex Military Academy, Resavska 40b, MAY 2011

FIRST PRIZE in a Public Architectural Competition for a Kindergarten in Stubline, Obrenovac, 2010

NEW ITALIAN BLOOD, Top 10 Architects under 40, Rome, New Italian Blood, APRIL 2010

A10, #33 Update: Young Serbs, Amsterdam, MAY/JUNE 2010